Week 24–Great Expectations

Winding down after 26 weeks of concentrated effort, on a course in personal self-discovery, I must say I am looking forward to using the new habits I have mastered on my circuitous route to today. I have great expectations for me and my future. I have a plan that is brimming with new ideas and adventures. I have come to know myself better in these last image image image months. I’ve looked at both my strengths and my weaknesses and find they are a beautiful composite of me, much like a collage of snippets and photos.

I cannot help but feel energized by my journey. It began last April when we flew to Kauai to participate in a Go90Grow live event, hosted by Mark and Davene Januszewski. I was an accompanying spouse. Don is the one who had taken the course a few years back. I hung around the fringes and got caught up in the excitement. Caught me off guard, actually. What a terrific event, held in one of the most beautiful spots in the world! Will miss this Spring’s repeat but expect to return again someday for another. Mark and Davene know how to sponsor an unforgettable seminar. Most interesting there are folks from around the globe to share with. New friends to make, just as we have in the MKMMA.

I know where to find answers to probing questions, specific issues, future adventures. I will look to myself and concentrate in silence and listen carefully to what I hear. I have written down one key phrase from each of the Og Mandino scrolls that spoke loudest to me. Here they are:
I swallow the seed of success and new life sprouts within me!
Only the unseen power of love can open the hearts of men.
I greet the new sun with confidence-this is the best day of my life!
I am not on this earth by chance!
Yesterday is buried…I think of it no more.
Today I control my destiny, I become master of myself!

My definite major purpose in life, in that one short sentence I wrote back on December 15th, remains foremost in my thoughts; I am a magnet of influence for others! When I leave this world I would like nothing better than for my children and grandchildren to remember me in this way! I have Great Expectations.

Week 23–Service, The Law of Success

In the labor of life, we learn to earn a living. Money consciousness is an attitude of the mind, with far reaching possibilities. I really never understood what money can do until reading Haanel. He states we make money by making friends. We enlarge our circle of friends by making money for them. Helping them, being of service to them, assisting friends…that is exactly how the greatest financiers of our time thought. Their thoughtfulness, with their friends in mind, created great wealth in the twentieth century that has continued into this twenty-first century.

Our job is to keep this going. Entrepreneurship is what made our country great. Haanel also says that great financiers are simply channels for the distribution of wealth. There is outgo and income and both ends must remain open. It is as essential to give as to get…to give as to receive. We’ve all heard that before.

The average person accepts the ideas of others. He doesn’t participate in deep, concentrated thought. I don’t want to be an an average person. I don’t intend on living my life as average. I am a practical person!

The practical person isn’t foolish, he is able to grasp the true understanding of a thing and carry it to a wiser conclusion. I am practical person, not an average person. A practical person sets goals and works toward achieving those goals. If it looks good to me, I want to look in to it. Too often, people pass on opportunity. Years later they look back and wish they had investigated an opportunity. It’s the old adage, should have, would have, could have. Why wasn’t it me?

Furthermore, Haanel says that all things that “work out” in business are the result of Thought. There is a direct connection here with the Infinite Mind, the “Spirit”. There is harmony with the “Spirit”. Spiritual thinking is practical thinking. Just this morning, in my daily Bible reading, Paul was speaking to the Galatians about practical thinking. Paul was great at setting guidelines!

The “Spirit” is at work here. Creative thought forms the seeds of success. Ideals form in one’s mind and those ideals grow! They mature and manifest themselves in creative thought…SUCCESS!

In one final terrific thought…man is not a body with a spirit, man is a spirit with a body! The soul of a great man’s wealth is service to others! It always has been, always will be!

Week 22A–Looking Back

I know there are many of my classmates in the MKMMA who are lost in complete silence this evening, working on their 24 plus hours of solitude. I will be joining them for my second go-round tomorrow late evening after a neighborhood gathering. I must admit that this has been the most difficult part of the journey for me. I want to do it, I’m not a stranger to personal retreats. Participated in more than a few as a teen. We had a designated venue, a retreat house, specific weekend and a retreat agenda all done in silence. My high school and college classmates were there with me on those occasions. We were there to get closer to God. It was something I looked forward to. It was a life event, a step toward spiritual maturity, a privilege for a young woman growing up Catholic.

I have not been as successful in my quest for quiet this time. My excuses are many but I also feel they are valid. I am back to work, these last three weeks… Monday through Friday, four to five hours of the middle of each day. Pleased with myself that I am still employable and happy to be of service to another. I have an opportunity to interact each day and spread some of my new found jouie de vivre to those I meet. When I arrive back home it’s time for a little personal down time and a trip to the pool for my daily water aerobics workout. Now that I am working I catch as catch can at the pool. Used to early morning pool time, it’s the height of the tourist season here in Florida and there is never the quiet time I used to carve out for myself in the mornings.

I also have come to realize that one can plan for themselves but two planning together is not a piece of cake. Don and I are doing this together. I’ve come to the realization we may have had an easier time of it if we took turns with this silence thing. I would have respected his quiet, walked the dog, answered the phones, walked the dog, made the meals, walked the dog, done the housework and left him to meditate in silence. He would have done the same for me I am sure. If we find we have difficulty with the second go-round this weekend I will suggest we do our own thing separately next week.

In the mean time, may all of you 250 or so classmates find your own peace and quiet in our new found journey into self-discovery. I know where I’ll find mine…in the pool when the season is over!

Week 22–Mind Over Body

After reading Haanel this week, I came to an interesting observation.  I live with a man who has practiced the principles of concentrated positive thinking since he was a young boy.  He has been able to focus…to make a mental image and hold it in his mind until he obtained the desired result.

As a young boy, age 6, he contracted the much feared polio virus.  He spent months in Children’s Hospital, much of the time alone because there were other children at home for his mom to care for (she also contracted the virus in a mild form) and his dad worked.  He wasn’t expected to be able to walk, but walk he did.  He called upon God and the law of visualization to see him through.  Braces and crutches followed and he was still in a brace when I met him at age 15.  I am certain that the Law of Vibration  was at work and the rate of vibration was intensified. It was held firmly in that young mind of his and helped him in his pursuit of walking. Along with all of this he would go onto water ski and snow ski.

There are many who have been able to put their minds to work to help their bodies heal. Some of us believe these are miracles. Some are, but I feel some are “mental therapeutics”. Haanel speaks of the power of mind over body. A special scientific teaching that medical schools should begin to embrace. He states, few patients are aware how much they can do for themselves, but I believe they now know there is power in mental therapeutics. Diverting the thoughts from the malady, is something I saw in my husband’s journey as a young boy.

In the next stage of his life thought continues to create change. At 65, he is climbing again toward his finest self. The Law of Vibration n creates a change in quality…we can exercise this power to produce any condition we desire. Don has used it this way positive , consciously, with deliberation and intelligently. It gets the results he wants.

Week 21–Conscious Thought

Whatever we become conscious of is invariably manifested in our tangible worldly self.  Haanel tells us it’s the real secret of power.  We have the capability of becoming the “live” wire of eternal energy.  There is within each of us what each of us needs to meet every situation.  Wow!  What a thought!

There are times when I wonder where my conscious and sub-conscious thoughts come from.  Have you ever awakened slowly enough and realize you have been dreaming and remember what you were dreaming about?  It doesn’t happen often for me but once in a while I have that experience.  I had such an experience on Tuesday morning.  I awoke with the most vivid recollection.  The dream was a bit bizarre, as are most that I do remember, but I believe it had some significance.  I wrote down some of my recollection while reading through Haanel:21 Tuesday morning.

I was surrounded by chotskies, or to be more correct, tchotchkes.  A word that has replaced knick knack or bauble in recent years.  I also found myself in a room of book shelves.  It was much like a library, some shelves were filled with books, others not.  There was a round oak library table on the center of the room and on the table and the floor, surrounding the table, were these chotskies.  Some were simple things: potted plants, vases with flowers, bowls filled with fruit, candlesticks, decorative boxes, bookends.  Things you could use to spruce up the books on the shelves.  There were framed family pictures, beautiful art work and icons, too.  It was a room of wonderful objects to me.  I love organizing, creating and beautifying space!  I should have been a designer.

My visualization skills went into overdrive and before I knew it I had transformed the room into a library fit for a designer’s magazine!  It was the most beautiful expression of my creativity for others to enjoy.  I have to add that there were some beautiful religious icons that became the centerpiece of the round table.  Everyone who came into the room was drawn to them.

I cannot help but think that some of this crazy dream had something to do with the idea of think big thoughts.  Become the “live” wire.  Build in the desired essentials for your picture (dream).  Give it “life” in your mind, this life means growth.  Believe in it. Believe in your own idea!  Use your constructive creative thought, your world within to create your world without.  Dwell on your possibilities!

Week 20–The Dash



The Dash, a poem by Linda Ellis, figured heavily on my week.  Initially I was struck by the poem, a matter-of-fact look at life between our birthdate and the day we die.  I wrote my dash cards out, just six of them, and added them to my deck of burgeoning cards.  I only did six because ten seemed like so many and the reminder for me was not a real positive one.  I pondered the date of death and thought I’d be optimistic setting 2041 as the date.  You see, optimism is a blessing here, my parents lived to their early 80’s.  I, choosing 2041, hope to live to 92!  I have spent two-thirds to three-quarters of my life, living as best I knew how.  I feel I have done a decent job thus far but realize I can kick it up a notch or two and finish with a flourish.

Monday evening brought The Dash all too close.  We heard of the passing of a young man in the prime of his life, age 39, slipping away earlier that day.  What!  It can’t be.  He is so young, so full of life, respected by so many and looked up to as a mentor of the 20 and 30’s generation.  I could not believe what the message on FB said.  Within minutes the tributes came pouring in.  Messages were sent back and forth to friends who could confirm the news.  And yes, sadly it was true.  Gone far too soon, a son, a father, a husband, a brother and a friend.

I admired him.  He was young, the age of my own sons who range from 36 to 40.  He had accomplished much in his last twelve years.  Top Of his game in an MLM!  Always smiling, loving life.  He had more life experience than most his age.  He lost his mother, a while back, to cancer; his father, less than two years ago, to a tragic accident.  Almost lost his wife to a freak run away truck incident in far off Thailand three years ago.  He survived and thrived or so it seemed.  He was a hands on dad to a beautiful daughter and a son.  They were his life.  He will not soon be forgotten.  He, his dad and step mom were our upline for four years.  We kept in touch through social media.  Loved seeing his smiling face and his beautiful family growing up.  He’s gone, leaving a large gap in the hearts of many.

He lived his Dash. It is important that we pass his legacy on to those who remain behind.  He must have accomplished his purpose while the rest of us remain behind to complete ours.  I am indeed a fortunate woman…today’s hours most certainly a bonus, undeserved, as Og Mandino spells out for us in the all important Scroll V.  We have one life…our measurement of time.  Cherish each moment for they pass in an instant.  God bless you JB.  Say hello to your dad for us!  God speed on your journey.

Week 19–Do Not Darken Today’s Joy

imageToday is Valentine’s day! A celebration of love. There will be proposals and weddings, flowers and candy, luncheons and dinners, phone calls and emails. If we are lucky someone will be thinking about us. Wonderful feeling isn’t it? Be grateful!

Og state’s in Scroll V, Each minute of this day will I grasp with both hands and fondle with love for its value is beyond price.  Strong and powerful words, perfect for today and perfect for every day!  Do not waste a moment of this beautiful day.  It is a gift given to us.  Go out and spread love and kindness to everyone you see and greet. 

We all have a spirit an aura of goodness within us.  We were created in His likeness.  Spread it.  Share it. Give it. Receive it.  Bask in it.

Throw fear to the wind today.  Some may question your cheerfulness.  Who cares!  Make them comfortable.  Have them feel your warmth.   So many need this.  Lift up a friend in need.  Make that phone call.  Right that wrong. Remember a loved one who hasn’t heard from you in a long time.  You have the power to spread joy!

We go through this life only once, do it now!  Don’t wait or procrastinate.  Tomorrow is but a dream.  Today is where it is.  Everyday should be like this.  We’d all be so much happier and safer.  Savor it’s taste!  Be the change you want to be.  Revel in the possibilities!  Live this day and remember…give thanks.

Week 18–Let Your Light Shine!

This morning is shrouded in a soft gentle fog.  The weather is damp and cool with some mist in the air.  I have an affinity for sun and light.  On days like today it can be difficult for me to get going.  It’s gloomy.  I’m introspective.  I need to kick it up a bit.  The forecast says partly cloudy, high of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  I know the mist will burn off, it always does.

The time is 8:43 AM.  By 9:00 I am always downstairs and in the pool for my morning workout.  The mist won’t bother me, because the water will be warm.  I know it will seem warmer today than on a sunny day.  It just always is!  What am I waiting for?  I greet the sun with confidence that this is the best day of my life!  I chose those words from Og Mandino, two months ago to highlight Scroll IV.

In truth, I know what I must do.  This day is all that I have and these hours are my eternity.  All from the great Og!  What wisdom he expresses for each of us.  I must let my LIGHT shine!  It’s here, perhaps a bit misted this morning, but it can and will shine today!  I have the power to make it shine and I must not miss this opportunity, for it will not come again.  Procrastination I will destroy with action!  I am up, out of my chair and on the way to the pool!  There will be new faces to meet and greet and opportunity awaits.  I will live this day as if it is my last!

Post script:  the fog and mist have lifted! I’ve put my hourly long workout to good use.  Saw my shapes and colors clearly in the red geraniums, the yellow daisies, the greenery all around and the blue coping in the pool!  Also completed my affirmations as I went back and worth in the gentle salt water.  I’m ready for today, this day, and I promise to live it as if it were my last! I’ve seen the light and now I will let it SHINE!

Week 17 HJ–God Didn’t Make Any Junk

Wondering what I should write about this week I really let my mind wander.  For today’s MK reading I decided to go back to my “roots”,  back to lesson one, part one.  I discovered more than I set out to; much more and I hope to relate it properly.

Power consciousness!

Health consciousness!

Happiness consciousness!

Could this be wealth, true health and love?  Of course it is!

You already have it.

Understand it.

Use it.

Control it.

Make it your own.

Go Forward!

God didn’t make any junk.  The world is filled with beating hearts…a place of life and beauty.  Discover it.  Gain that new force, realize your hopes — make your dreams come true!  Understand with a deeper meaning.

” A rolling stone gathers no moss”, Publilius Syrus

Much gathers more, that’s true.  Loss leads to greater loss, also true. Reminded me of the “rolling stone” quote.  I googled it.  Found that the original meaning was a person who is always moving around, not staying in one place, is avoiding commitment.  Found this to be so contrary to what I was thinking.  For me, it means that the mind is creative! Our experiences in life are due to our predominant mental attitude.  The more experiences we gain in our “roll” the more life we will live.  Good experiences, bad experiences, great experiences, sad experiences create our uniqueness.  Get out there live life. If one is having challenges, change that attitude.  Charge it up!  That power is within each of us.  God didn’t make any junk!

Week 17–Decisiveness

Decision making is something we all face many times, everyday!  I quickly chose it as a weakness of mine while filling out my Franklin Makeover chart a few weeks back.  Thought I could benefit from working a little harder on my decision making skills.

How do we make decisions?  Is a child able to make a decision?  Does it come with age?  Are only the very old and wise able to make decisions? Is intuition involved? Do others influence our decisions?  Should others influence our decisions?  Can I make a decision and expect good results?  Should I be afraid to make a decision?  Can decisions be changed? There always seems to be a question involved when it comes to decision making.

We make decisions everyday!  Hopefully quickly and with not too much thought or delay.  I am writing on this topic and trying to not over think it too much.  It was my quick decision to pick decisiveness and place it as # 2 on my personal list, after all.  I have observed this week all the moments that have taken a quick response.  There are so many.  What will I have for lunch while dining out with friends?  What will I wear today?  When should I go to the store for those things I have on my shopping list?  Should I go to church twice in one day?  Should I pay that bill I just received or would it be better to wait until I have more in my checking account? Is today the day I write my weekly blog?

Ridiculous observations, I’ll agree, but that is where my mind took me.  There are many more important decisions made everyday.  Some involve others and those we must do with more care.  Some may involve life change, a new job opportunity or a family crisis.  No one can make a decision that’s best for you besides you.  When it’s made, expect that it is best for the moment.  There is never a decision made that can’t be adjusted.  We make decisions based on experience, intuition, advice, thoughtful repose and critical thinking. Never be afraid to go for it!  After all, we are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

By the way, I have found I am not indecisive.  I have a lifetime of experience to draw upon and a course of present study, the MKMMA, to rely upon for self direction. Do not be weak!  Make another attempt!